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PCMTEC FG Immobilizer/VIN change

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I do a lot of vehicle diagnostic work on cars and programming of ECU's as well. Is there an option available in your software for just doing VIN changes in the engine PCM. I wouldn't need any tuning options really just VIN rewrite for installing a secondhand PCM. I'm happy to pay credits per vehicle. Also does your software work with J2534 pass thru devices like a Cardaq-m.


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Hi Shaun. Our professional version of the software will do this for you.

Whilst our software primarily targeted towards tuners we do have a number of customers who use it for disabling PATS and doing engine conversions. What is the reason for changing VINs? Are you swapping PCMs out of vehicles? Often if you change the PCM you need to change quite a few things. 

Our licensing is chained to each PCM serial/vin/operating system,  so if you simply wanted to change the VIN and nothing else you could do it with the following procedure.

  • Perform a read of the original PCM with the VIN you want to keep. Save this file and do not license it.
  • Perform a read of the new PCM with the incorrect VIN. Save this file and do not license it.
  • Open up the "Return to stock/calibration merge wizard" and merge the VIN from the first file to the second file. Now save the resulting merged file.
  • Next step is to license the merged file and write it to the PCM. You can change any other parameters at this time as well. Once the file is licensed you can read/edit/write this particular PCM as many times as you'd like.

Regarding the Cardaq-m we technically should support all J2534 devices. We have a list of devices on our website that we have personally tried and know work. Anything else not on the list should also work providing they come with a standard SAE J2534 driver. Drewtech's mongoose works with our product so I see no reason why the Cardaq wouldn't.

There is a list of the cable we have used on the main page here:


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