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no throttle, sounds like its running on 3 cylinders


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Hi guys,

I'm new to barra stuff, I come from a GM backround.

I've got a barra swapped EL that I am trying to fix a few issues with

Cranks for a split second when you turn the ign on then will no longer crank - trans range sensor error removing the PN inhibit output maybe?

If the starter relay is bypassed it will start then run on 3 cylinders and have no throttle input

on these systems, what would cause the throttle control to be removed and make it run on 3 cylinders? on GM systems it's usually because throttle/map correlation or commanded throttle vs actual throttle being different but with fords I'm new

p0141 02 heater circuit

p0238 turbo boost sensor A

p0243 turbo wastegate solenoid

p0705 transmission range sensor A

any thoughts or experiences would be great



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ETC should raise a fault if it isn't working. Is it running standard injectors, intake manifold, throttle body etc? Who did the loom? Is it automatic? Is the PCM from the same motor?

It could be literally hundreds of things though. There are a few people on here that regularly do swaps, they might know the common faults that will come up after doing a swap.

edit: You mentioned earlier abotu if you could flash BA/BF/FG into different PCMs. Is the PCM and Loom all from the same vehicle? The BA/BF -> FG is different, so you can't use a BF PCM on an FG and vice versa. There are differences between BA and BF as well, but not as drastic as far as I know.

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