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PCMTEC Editor Version 1.21 Release Notes - Datalogging


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Version 1.21 brings the following new features.


The datalogging functionality has been under rapid development the past few months with a large number of changes made (and more to come) to improve stability and add functionality.

The following new features have been added to the datalogger.

Right click menu.

Chart Show - This enables/disables whether the scalar is shown on the main chart. Items not shown on the chart will be displayed in grey.

High Priority - Use this for fast (~50ms) poll rate, up to 15 items can be high priority. Other items will be between 500ms to 3sec poll rate depending on how many are selected.

Enumerated - Use this to disable/enable the text lookup field. Eg "Closed Loop" and show the actual number instead.

Scalar remove - This will remove the scalar from the list entirely. Same as the "Remove" button above.

Decimal adjust - This will change the number of decimal places stored. Note that when saving a file it will always save internally with the maximum number of decimal places. This is a display only feature so you do not lose resolution if the number of decimals is low.


You can now save/load datalogging layouts. This file format (tlo) is currently just a simple text file which you can also edit by hand. In the future this file will contain more information.


You can now remove the Legend by unticking the legend button.

Trans and DLP logging will be available in the next update.


Multi Tune:

Multi tune wizard is now complete and you can now "load all defaults from existing file". This function lets you duplicate an existing multi tune for a different vehicle/operating system ID. This will load the flex fuel/cruise control setup identically and copy the tune/base tune tables/scalar layout identically.



"Load preferred tables from existing file" will load the multi tune base/tune 2/3/4 tables and scalars from another file. This means once you have a known multi tune setup that you want to re-use on other vehicles you can simply reload it over and over again this way saving time.



Multi tune scalars. 95% of scalars can now be added to different tunes in the multi tune wizard. This includes rev limits and injector slopes.

You can also now add knock tables eg to desensitise the knock sensors when on e85.


Over 250+ bugs have been fixed in this release.

Many performance improvements have been made.

Added concurrency support so you can have multiple instances of the editor open at once and licenses will remain synced between each copy.



This version of the editor can be downloaded from the website here, please ensure you are logged in first. There will be a new beta version 1.22 out soon.


There is a fully featured free demo also available that includes access to a demo multi tune and example datalog


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