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HOWTO: Upgrade Mk1 FG to a HAEE3/4 via the strategy conversion wizard.


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This guide is designed for Mk1 FG 4L I6 vehicles (V8 OS doesn't need changing) that are using an operating system other than HAEE3/HAEE4 and want to upgrade to a Custom Operating System with extra tables such as the MFT (Multi Flash Tune) or Flex Fuel system.

The reason the Mk1 FG's must be upgraded to this operating system is due to the fact that the early Mk1 FGs came with a 5 speed automatic transmission (5R55) which was controlled by the PCM and not via a separate TCM like the 6 speed ZF, this code is present regardless of if the vehicle is a Manual or 6 Speed ZF.

As the 5R55 assembly code is very large and leaves almost no spare ROM within the PCM we have to upgrade the OS to one that does not contain the 5R55 code. This also means that only manual and ZF 6 speed Mk1 FGs can have the Custom Operating System enabled.


Normally changing operating system would cost an additional 2 credits, in the case of upgrading to HAEE3/HAEE4 and then enabling the Custom Operating System an automatic discount will be calculated which will subtract 2 credits from the total fee to make up for the upgrade. 

Step 1.

Open the custom operating system wizard:


Press Next

You will now see a HAEE Conversion wizard button if you have a HAED* operating system.


Press "HAEE Conversion Wizard"

The wizard will then automatically find a matching operating system.


Press Next

The wizard will then ask you to review all the changes you made to the previous file and copy them across for you. This is a good opportunity to review the tune and unselect any changes you do not want to remain in the new file.


Press "Apply Changes and Close"

You will then be prompted to save the new file.


Next license the file (these credits will be deducted from the total when finally setting up a multi tune).


Now before creating a custom operating system you must flash this file into the vehicle and verify that the vehicle operates as it did before the upgrade. This means checking for any DTC codes such as ABS/DSC faults, ensuring the TCM is not in limp mode (stuck in 3rd gear) and that the cruise control operates. If any of these do not operate you will need to re-do this process using the manual conversion process and select a different base operating system strategy as found here:




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