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Barra patrol trying to stall when coming back to idle on deacceleration


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I’m having this issue when I’m slowing down if I come up to a stop sign and throw my foot on the clutch the engine goes to try and stall but just catches itself and then continues to go back to normal. 
using a Fg g6e ecu and car has a set of tbre cams retaining vct.
Has been tuned properly and in all other aspects is perfect other then just this slight stalling issue 

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How lumpy are the cams? 

Do you have long term fuel trims still enabled? If so what are your long term fuel trims? You want them under 10% for acceptable low load/idle/cruise driving without stalling or flat spots. This can be very time consuming to achieve with camshafts.

If they are lumpy with lots of overlap its best to tune the car in open loop, otherwise the false lean condition (due to the overlap) at idle will cause it to run rich and stall.

If you have VCT I'd personally tune out the lumpyness at idle, the VCT is very versatile and you can effectively do a reverse ghost cam.

Have a read of this as well which might help set your expectations.


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