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Pedal Position Sensor Voltage Rescale


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Unfortunately the values are hardcoded constants so it would be a lot of work for us to map these across the range. However with that said, you could do two things. Use a resistor to drop the voltage with a voltage divider. Or if the sensor outputs a lower voltage, then there would be no changes needed other than changing the WOT threshold.

There are some other intermediate slopes and offsets which might do what you need, though I've never played with them which might allow you to do what you need.

auF12145 ETC TP Saturate (slope)

auF10316 ETC TP Offset (offset)

These define the A/D voltage slope, so by changing the max A/D count you can shift the maximum throttle angle curve lower or higher for a different voltage pedal. There is no ability to define a non linear voltage, however you can define the pedal area and airflow.

These are listed under Pedal and "Drive by Wire"

Here is one of the tables that might be of interest. Between all of these items you can likely set up any throttle you want, it just might be a bit of work to do so.


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