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1.23 Release Notes


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Version 1.23 is now out of Beta and can be downloaded from the website. This is primarily a maintenance release including 250+ bug fixes and also includes a number of new datalogging features/improvements.



  • Editor
  • Zoom level (via ctrl + mouse wheel) is now remembered on tables. Right click "Reset zoom state" for the default zoom level.
  • "All Items" has been added back to the history/compare view. This combines PCM and TCM items


  • Data logging
  • Add priority messages menu option
  • Allow user editing unit names for DLP and scalar names for PCM/TCM items.
  • Improved detection of vehicles with corrupted/blank VIN and OSID.

Bug Fixes:

  • Editor
  • TCM Recovery mode read (without PCM) would not allow saving now fixed.
  • Issue reading TCM when PCM VIN was corrupted and the OSID was also corrupted.
  • Compare would show ID and not name in some circumstances.
  • Fixes to some allow certain Custom OS scalars to be added to flex/multi tune.
  • Issue with Custom OS Wizard after pressing back/forward multiple time meant the wizard must be exited.


  • Data logging
  • Fix crash during loading layouts with invalid chart slots
  • Fix crash when using parameter not available in current user level
  • Remove spike during recording / playback when changing units
  • Fix crash when zooming
  • Fix parent tickboxes in scalar channel selection tree
  • Fix crash connecting to DLP
  • Fix right click chart replace clearing scalar list
  • Make decimal places in legend match scalar list
  • Keep current selections after changing priority or deleting scalar
  • Fix zoom operations between scalar axis and time axis
  • Fix cursor movements during log playback and large steps in data
  • Fix ID naming in scalar list and chart
  • Fixes for bulk change units operation
  • Loading TCO layout file doesn't adjust min/max ranges
  • DLP range from either lookup table, or range adjust window
  • Fix up log search and recent log list
  • Fix up freeze issues
  • Fix multiple auto saves
  • Remove lags with ticking/unticking items with saved files
  • Fix unit conversion issues
  • Fix pause / resume / clear operations
  • A large number of other bug fixes that occur in very specific scenarios (100+)


Future Releases:

The Datalogger has a large number of features being developed. Including map tracing, histograms, improvements to charge layouts, alarm banners. Mustang datalogging will be coming soon.

Future releases will also include a large update for Mustang and US F150 Support. We will be adding 2.3, 3.5 Ecoboost and 5.0 alpha support across the entire US/AUS/EUR Mustang and F150 range in the coming months.

The editor will continue to receive new features as well such as 3D charts and other optimisations.

We also have an employee working on a Custom OS for the Mustang/F150 platform which will include our multi map support. This will be coming hopefully around Christmas/New Year in it's first beta iteration.

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