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HOWTO: Custom OS Resize Tables - Extra spark and speed density resolution


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Problem: You are now spinning your motor to 8000rpm with large camshafts and you cannot accurately dial in the speed density at low rpm due to a lack of columns.

Problem 2: You are running a 4 port boost controller with boost levels varying between 4 psi and 40psi. You can no longer optimise spark for all boost levels due to a lack of rows.

Solution: Utilise our custom operating system and the "Increase Resolution" functions for either/or both the speed density and spark tables which increase the table sizes to what you would commonly see in aftermarket computers.

To enable this feature you require the workshop edition and a 5 credit "Standard Custom OS". This is an extra 2 credits on top of a standard license.

First open the custom operating system wizard, select "Standard Custom OS" and press Next.


You will then see a "Custom OS Options" page.


You can select "Increase Speed Density Table Sizes" which will increase the BA (14x6) or BF (18 x 6) speed density table size to 23x10 rows x columns (this is the same as the factory FG size).

You can select "Increase Speed Spark Table Sizes" which will increase the BA (11x9) or BF/FG (14 x 12) spark table size to 19x17 rows x columns.

Press "Check License and Proceed" which will then ask you to license the file, this will charge you an extra 2 credits (total of 5 for the vehicle). This will only be charged once.

You will now see a second set of Custom OS options (these can be changed as many times as you like). Leave these option stock. 


Press Next then "Finish" and the file will automatically save and re-open.

Now navigate to the borderline knock or MBT within the navigator and you will see your newly sized spark tables.

Speed Density:





We recommend using the interpolate/smooth functions to extend the spark values to the new rpm/load limits. You may also find our re-interpolate axis wizard useful for this task.

If you have large camshafts with locked VCT you may also find our custom VE style speed density patch coupled with the resized tables makes it much easier to tune the vehicle. See this guide here for more details: 



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