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  1. Gear shifts are done in oss, if you change the diff it shouldn't affect these. Going to a lower ratio should also slow the speed it revs down mean in g less chance of hitting redline. Doing the opposite will do what you described though.
  2. Maybe. Get whiteford to do it for you. You might need to reprogram the ABS module if that happens. You could also try what is written in this post.
  3. You'll get a permanent ABS/DSC fault and your ABS won't work. Can also mean your cruise control stops working.
  4. Be ware that there might be module mismatches causing all sorts of dramas if you just blindly flash in a different operating system. You may need to modify quite a few things (or nothing) depending on the differences in your vehicle and the operating system you flash in.
  5. You can come do my car next. I haven't even got a spare minute to do that yet!
  6. We have a beta version with analog inputs working (as seen in the video) but there are just small features we need before we send it out. Otherwise we will get flooded with questions about things we already know are not complete, so we are just going to wait until it is more polished.
  7. No they are a proprietary device. J2534 is an open SAE standard.
  8. How did you go in the end?
  9. The whole point of disabling closed loop fueling is to check if your commanded lambda matches the lambda measured in your exhaust. If you leave it enabled it will be blending at lower rpm so it will be transient and your data won't be useful. So if you are testing open loop only, you could just set all cells to -100, if you just wanted to make open loop occur earlier (eg a permanent change) then you'd only disable it at the rpm and TPS points you desire and most likely leave a blend still there so the transient is smooth.
  10. As above, check out the torque requestor thread for an understanding of the not so simple torque system in the Falcons. Once you understand that you should be able to make it do anything you want on a shift. I've been told the pop pop pop fuel cut on gearshift is possible on the BTRs and BF ZF6s, though I have never experimented on what is required myself. If someone in SA want's to donate an auto ZF vehicle for a week I could look at researching what is required. Rev matching would require large code additions and would not be feasible without OEM level access to the TCM source code etc. As cool as it would be I can't see this ever happening unfortunately. It would be a very big job. The ZF6 BMWs have rev matching however they run a completely different TCM/PCM to control the gearbox.
  11. There are a few BTR gurus going around still. There is a few threads on here about them, PM those guys and see if they can offer any advice.
  12. FYI if you enable the TMAP switch over logic and you are seeing a "Trans Trunc" torque reduction despite the vehicle being a manual and torque reductions turned off the following will resolve it. In the use case we had the user was pegging the standard tmap at 23psi with a 4 bar boost sensor. They had enabled the tmap switchover logic however they were seeing the trans truc feather the throttle at high boost. The solution is to set the TMAP max volts ( auF0044 ) to 6v. This stops the FMEM limiting action kicking in when the TMAP sensor saturates. This is safe to do as with the tmap switchover logic the boost sensor output replaces that of the TMAP.
  13. We don't check the file upload section unless someone sends us an email so it looks like this got missed. If you can send us an email with the VIN you want entered we can update the file manually for you, once you license and flash it into the vehicle you will need to do a parameter reset with either IDS or Forscan otherwise the vehicle may be immobilised.
  14. Depends what you want to achieve. Pick the rpm you want to disable it at, and then pick the TPS threshold you want to disable it at...
  15. Works on all vehicles BA-BF-FG auto or manual. The "gear" is calculated based on output shaft speed and wheel speed and then comparing it to an upper/lower bound to determine which gear it is in. We also offer boost by speed if you prefer. Eg a high stall converter vehicle where you only use 3 gears or are doing 300kph sprints. A few of the tuners prefer this over boost by gear on the extremely high hp cars (1000hp+)
  16. Yes I believe that is the best bet. Be very careful as if you make it too high and you are in gear it will be like cruise control is stuck on. Make sure you are testing on a dyno and can put the car into neutral if required. I'm not sure if the gearbox will stop you pulling it out of gear above a certain load, so increase it in small increments only.
  17. If you experiment please post up your results and what settings you played with. It would be very interesting to see! Be ware of heat though, could quickly destroy cat/exhaust/turbos if you went overboard. We killed an old stock turbo using launch control with -20 degrees timing testing here.
  18. Sure, just leave closed loop fueling enabled and change the TPS threshold to something like this.
  19. Yes. Disable closed loop fueling and DFCO. Set the 0 -> 0.2 load cells to 0.5 lambda, decel spark to -20 degrees etc and then set the minimum idle air in gear at high rpm to high number so the throttle doesn't shut. You'll need to play with the timing and fuel to stop throttle hang but it is 100% achievable.
  20. Changing the OSID will cost 2 credits to re-license. Quite a few people have used the HAAT0 F6 in manual BAs with good results. You just need to flip the oil pressure switch scalar or you will have an inverted oil pressure warning lamp, the scalar ID is in a thread somewhere.
  21. Great work Nat. If you have the workshop version of the software in the strategy list we have pulled out common auF parameters and put them in there, we could add this to the list if you want as we can automate extracting a specific param from all calibrations into a csv.
  22. Pretty much everything you need to know is in here already. But one day when I get time I will go over it in depth. First I want the datalogger finished as that will be crucial to logging lambda vs the various scalars.
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