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  1. Do you know what FAOSC actually stands for?
  2. ok, thanks for that, that changes my plans slightly
  3. there is auF1594 that limits engine rpm based on oil temp
  4. are you 100% positive that auf2078 and auf0277 relates to oil temperature?
  5. Mick


    sorry I can't give exact details, but I know it was on a FG XR6 I was tuning, I ended up with 2 different strategies open and loaded the incorrect one, it locked the ecu and the flashbox, I had to send them to the SCT agent, was honest in how it happened and they recovered both for me. They said it was not uncommon
  6. Mick


    Although it not wise to use and incorrect strategy as it can lead to problems some of which are bricked ECU's, I am currently running a sprint tune in my MK2 FG, there was some initial trouble codes, but the tune has been used for testing purposes, not power though, for over 7000 klms and have no issues
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