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  1. Sweet bro you made it a lot easier to understand. I’ll reply properly when I get home anyway just been a bit busy to be able to respond to anything just reacted to let you know I’ve seen it. Yeah I will definitely look into it, as I’d love to do all of my car myself as I’m rebuilding the engine just hit 290k on the clock still running strong for a ba, but the gearbox has now lost 3rd and 4th clutches are gone in it so it’s given me the motivation to manual swap it.
  2. I have had a look at that but it’s a bit far out of my knowledge, bit hard for me to make sense of. Yeah I know, it’s super rich, but can’t really seem to find any data for 440cc injectors until now to go from, all I could find was that as I attached above with the wrong base fuel pressure which I’m still yet to try the data that @jpm600has provided regarding 440cc injectors @58psi fuel pressure and yes I have been informed by a friend that I could use those as a reference just haven’t had the time to try it out. It’s a factory turbo ba ute (unfortunately btr)
  3. Appreciate it bro! Worth a try anyway probably just give it a go and datalog it and see how won’t be able to do anything till the weekend so we’ll see
  4. So I’ve attempted this afternoon to gauge on my car and tune it for it’s setup. So I’m be run into an issue either going to have to revert back to stock injectors and tune it for stock injectors. as I have 440cc Bosch 42lb injectors I’ve scaled the forums top to bottom to try find data to just transfer them over to the tables or just find the general data to scale then in is it a long process something me and my mate aren’t actually too familiar with I’ve showed him some files I’ve skimmed over but he says they’re incorrect (I have attached them below as these are all I could find).
  5. Have downloaded the demo bro had a quick look over it last night, need to spend a bit more time on it so i don’t just see it as jibberish at the moment
  6. Is this accessible in enthusiast?
  7. Awesome, a little bit more is there a way to lock out those high overdrive or whatever in 3rd/ 4th?
  8. Re: the high and low changes in 3rd and 4th while in sport mode.
  9. Is there any support within pcmtec for the BTR 4-speed transmission? (Enthusiast/ professional depending on budget at the time of purchase)
  10. Hey All new to the forum’s and all together new to tuning, have done a bit of browsing over the last couple of days and some of the abbreviations are a bit confusing wanted to gain some knowledge before I go for a trial and error playing with my ‘03 ba xr6t. so far I’ve reasonably modified my rig which program should I go for? Enthusiast or professional been leaning towards professional because of accessibility, I don’t really have the know how but want to learn. will be seeking to source some injectors, have fabbed up a 5L alloy twin surge tank for external p
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