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  1. Have downloaded the demo bro had a quick look over it last night, need to spend a bit more time on it so i don’t just see it as jibberish at the moment
  2. Is this accessible in enthusiast?
  3. Awesome, a little bit more is there a way to lock out those high overdrive or whatever in 3rd/ 4th?
  4. Re: the high and low changes in 3rd and 4th while in sport mode.
  5. Is there any support within pcmtec for the BTR 4-speed transmission? (Enthusiast/ professional depending on budget at the time of purchase)
  6. Hey All new to the forum’s and all together new to tuning, have done a bit of browsing over the last couple of days and some of the abbreviations are a bit confusing wanted to gain some knowledge before I go for a trial and error playing with my ‘03 ba xr6t. so far I’ve reasonably modified my rig which program should I go for? Enthusiast or professional been leaning towards professional because of accessibility, I don’t really have the know how but want to learn. will be seeking to source some injectors, have fabbed up a 5L alloy twin surge tank for external p
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