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Whats Causing Desired Lambda to lean out at top


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The pictures tell the story, but RPM limiter is at 6000rpm and Fuel Cut is 6200rpm. If you look at the screen shots at this point on the dyno i was asking .86 across the top but as the rpm gets towards the limiter desired starts going lean .9 - 1.10, but the actual is fine. Why does the desired start going away from what's in the fuel base table? 

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

Screenshot (6).png

Screenshot (7).png

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12 hours ago, JMSMotorsport said:

Oh awesome. Wasn’t sure how many I could set to high priority. Learning something every time I post on here. I’m guessing this is just a lag in data? 

The way the datalogger works is you get 15 rapid packet polls, these update at roughly 50ms. Then every thing else after this is polled as fast as it can, eg if you have 16 items you are logging, the 16th item will still log very fast. If you have 60 items, the 45 items after the first 15 will log quite slowly, roughly once a second.

We get a few 'freebies' that are broadcast data and always log fast irrespective of whether they are set to high priority. These are engine rpm, oil temp and a few others. This is something only we do, other companies don't take advantage of these.

If you are very curious about how it works you can right click on the name column, select column chooser, scroll down to 'rate' and add this column. This will show a number which is number of updates per second. For a fast dyno pull you need at least 250ms updates for rpm, boost, load, knock for it to be useful, otherwise the values will not line up and you will miss spikes of knock etc.

In future versions we will be setting high priority by default on knock, rpm, cam angle etc. Currently it has to be done manually if you have selected over 15 items.

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