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X/Y Axis/Normailisers different from stock


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New to tuning, I am trying to understand the changes that were made to my XR8 by the original tuner and learn from there. This tune was done on HP tuner software, so my understanding is things look a little funky compared if the car was tuned with this software? I'm thinking that because the axis' have been changed and i cant understand why. if i were to return them back to stock would it affect the current tune? and should i return them to the stock values if i am going to continue tuning the car with pcmtec with future modifications?


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HPTuners uses a wizard for displaying/building those axis. Because of how they work using interpolation there is often 100s of ways to show exactly the same curve. Ford like to use the least amount of cells as possible to display an axis. Eg if the axis is a straight line between 1000 rpm and 6000 rpm, then you can display this using only two cells. The benefit here is the PCM only has to iterate 2 cells to find the rpm point saving CPU cycles.

Sometimes people need more resolution in certain parts, so they modify the breakpoints to add another column, if you do this, then you must rescale all the related tables.

We recommend reading this if you haven't already.


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Still trying to understand why some changes were made, could someone explain the effects of changing this table? (tuned for cams, and the usual upgrades)


and why these were just changed to 1?

other cut limits were all set to 0


to correct the LTFT's that are out below, would i use that first table above?




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