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Boost pressure switch issue


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Hey fellas 

ba falcon na+t utilising a ba LPG pcm with a HAAT3VC strategy to utilise factory boost control. I have wired the boost pressure switch and the mac switch directly to the c plug and b plug

using a 3bar tmap and a 4 bar bps from ims

Wired up as per below

c2 boost signal

c30 5v

c21 turbo smart 3 port mac switch

b33 signal ground

i have 1.10v returning out of the boost pressure switch engine off key on, i am getting a P0237 DTC (turbo boost sensor a circuit low) i have 5v to the sensor , checked continuity from the plug on the sensor back to C2 and all is fine. Anything im missing or a setting i need to change. 

thanks in advance



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