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Anybody bent Clutch Switch bracket for Flat Foot Shifting?


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Anyone who has done this willing to share their experience with regards to driveability for a daily / photos of switch? 

My muscle memory is so used to driving a certain way my first instinct is to lift my foot off the pedal when clutching in and I feel the torque/fuel cut happen.

Will post mine when I attempt it. tRiaL aNd ErRoR

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I have a bad habit of resting my foot on the clutch pedal. So I had to fine tune how far to bend it. Too little and it’ll catch you off gaurd. Just play around with it, don’t try to baby it. Give it a good bend. Just note that if you have it on all the time, it’ll be very hard to start a burnout as you won’t get high enough in the revs when you drop the clutch. 

every day driving is fine, you don’t notice it, except if you try to show off doing a burnout and forget about the switch haha. I’ve got the 2 step anti lag going for that

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I have that same habit, have to consciously remove foot, put on footrest, when it comes to the next shift my foot has already moved back there by itself.


Thanks for that

edit: not being able to do a burnout is a good thing for me

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