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Fg f6 Short shifting gears under high load


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Hi everyone. I am running around 17psi in my fg f6. I am finding that under WOT and when wheel spin is first induced, with TC off, in drive or performance it will short shift into the next gear. I dont mind the odd power skid and want to stop it doing this. Is this a torque request from the zf that is exceeded or something related to the pcm detecting wheel spin even with TC off. Keen to hear your thoughts thanks Mark.

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Hi I had the same issue with my f6 310, you would go to pedal it and it would shift up and come off boost . Very annoying ! Forced Performance tuned mine , haven't touched the pcm on this ! But i fixed the problem by changing my rear tyres to Perelli Dragon sport and no pedaling anymore . Just hang on and go lol! the tyres hold down 400 kw (98) with slight to no spin !

I Know not the answer you were looking for lol!

What colour is yours ? Mine is Nitro blue Build no 204 .  Gen 2 turbo, E85/98 multi tune, crow st 3 cams and all of the usual supporting mods.

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Yea mine is a 2010 black flex fuel multi tune. I road tuned it myself. Never been on a dyno so im not sure how much power it has. I have a gtx3582r and 17psi on 100plus npd fuel so it must have a bit.

Im sure someone will know what table to adjust to stop it short shifting

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you need to data log the torque source when it happens.


my territory used to halt power and down gear when traction control would kick in, but the traction control come on for no reason (for example you can awd launch it in the wet and barely shunt a wheel, in the dry no chance).

what i did was take away most of the tractions controls authority to cut power. so now its only got 5 percent ability to cut power, whats happens now is if your leave trc on the car wont downshift but will pull a little timing and reduce power slightly.


now im not saying trc is your issue, but the torque source will be the helpful items that finds you what is requesting less power from the motor - in turn causing downshifts. 


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