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hey all, kinda a off topic thing. 

what do you described as "tuned".. ive tuned my car to the point im happy enough with it, is proper tuned everything is dialed in perfectly? or done well enough that it works just fine?
(asking for people own preconceived idea of tuned)

my NA+T is using 99% of a F6 tune with modified base fuel/BLK maps to suit. 

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A car is tuned as soon as a parameter in the stock file is changed. You can literally only change the desired boost table, run 2 more psi and call it done.

The question you're asking is, "How good does a tune have to be, to be considered good enough".

That's up to individual preference.

If your trims are over 10% and you're happy with it then great. Most people would do more work to it, but it's not the end of the world if you don't.

Plenty of people didn't know how to get E85 cars to start when cold and cars would take 5 cranks to start. This was accepted for a while but now the info is widely available it is no longer acceptable.

Anyhow enough bogtrot ramblings...

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