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Na+t falcon Load tables

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G'day guys,

Working on my ba once again. Still trying to resolve my weird misfiring under load issue. It appears to be happening when TPS is above 300 or so and the spark table switches to borderline. I'm still very much learning, but I feel as if it has something to do with the way I've done my Load_FG values, as mine goes up to 1.2, but I was doing some reading and in theory for my boost levels it should go up to 1.6? Though the other thing i noted is it appears Spark FLT load might not quite be correct. Honestly, I'm really not sure. I'll paste my data log and tune down below, in the data log look at areas where the tps is greater than 300.

If there's anymore info i can provide please let me know.


Troubleshootlog.teclog Na+T Current 15-05-2022.tec

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You are datalogging the cell index used by the load table which was mistakenly added to a default layout file at some stage instead of load (this is our fault).

Please remove MID35608 SPK LOAD CELLĀ image.png.cfd04dd8c50f3408a4b1b85b5cd9e510.png

Instead datalog either of the following values which will display the correct load value.


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