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Injector Calibration Data


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Hi Team,

Hoping someone who would have the injector data for the Race works INJ-154 (1000CC) injectors. there seems to be only injector dead time available. 

The INJ-501 seem to the drop in replacement but the dead times between both injector vary. I have made contact with Race works but they seem not to have specific information in hand.

INJ-501 Play & Play Data below.


Overall I have them dialed in, everything seems to behave fine, just wanting to fine tune if there is need based on the plug & play calibration details.

Details used as per below


Thanks in Advance 


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Can't post up my tune just now but if you look back to my boost control sanity check thread I have my tune there. Mine has the raceworks injectors also. Not sure which part number, I'll pop out tomorrow and have a look for you. Not overly happy with the data but it's good enough to run on 98 and e85 in winter without dramas and no rapeing of the fuel tables. Open loop WOT (high slope) is on point for both fuels which is good. Low slope and break point aren't right. Close enough though not to warrant the time. 

I spent extra $ on my VF LSA injectors when converting to e85 after been disappointed with the raceworks data. I bought a 8x set of DW1200's from Harrop. Their data is spot on. Very impressed. To illustrate, I already had my VF LSA 98 tune perfect at 0.8 lambda on the factory variable fuel pressure system. I upgraded to twin pumps, injectors, mechanical boost referenced reg and flex fuel sensor. I dropped in their injector data and had it sorted in 2 road pulls. I would not hesitate to buy them for my falcon if the time arises (presuming they're even available for a falcon lol). Good data saves so much time when you're tuning at home. Different if you're a workshop and can spend quiet days or weekends to get away from the pressures of family on your dyno testing and creating good data for cheap injectors to use on every customers car. Food for thought is all. 

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Thanks HJtrbo for the informative post. I agree good data helps dramatic especially home grown tuners who don't have glorified workshops.. I'll have a look at your tec file for such injector data. I pretty much spent alot of time reviewing and modifying such data on hand for the INJ-154, just wanting to ensure I have them set correctly.

Yeah,I understand why such tuners push their recommended injectors and tune files, simplify and mitigate unique tuning environment that eat up time..

Thanks in Advance



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