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02 to 05 ba Btr auto to tremec t5 conversion

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I only done just done a auto to manual  conversion last year on a 05 ba xt the only thing that needed was new manual pcm to be step up to the car by changing vss from abs via can to abs via wire sadly that car got ridden off..

I brought a new ba a 03 Fairmont and now im wanting to put a tremec t5 in. At first the manual pcm didn't like the car i was getting a abs error, pcm miss match, my tc light was on wouldn't turn on and daul zone icc was showing code that was a forscan fix..

The abs module i had in my car was T, AB20220812_154237.thumb.jpg.0de9d7249754f9ef96231ecb0806445d.jpg I found a 04 xr8 abs module that was T, AC20220813_125218.thumb.jpg.6305dee97eb5dd66ae6044c51a3dc50f.jpg and that seemed to work I've gotten no errors and tc works as it should now. Im just wanting on a few parts and ill keep yours guys posted 

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The next step is to sort the wiring. I just made a loop wire for natural20220818_123103.thumb.jpg.e2288f14c20132a9c1cfe511a066647c.jpg for natural you will need red and blue wire and light green join the jumper and car should now start20220818_123252.thumb.jpg.e6d81589fbf2d50668920cfcf012467a.jpg next step is to make a loom for the reverse lights20220818_123054.thumb.jpg.a3a1c962812aa0f15ec63a0a66333cc9.jpg now thats done connect to the car wiring loom should look like this 20220818_125704.thumb.jpg.994e972d77884fe5084b38109cf08322.jpg

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