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9 hours ago, JKD69 said:

Gday, I have a ba na ecu with a cracking tune, I would like to copy the tune to my factory ba na ecu- will I need to license both ecus?

It is possible to just licence one PCM but there's a bit of reading you'll need to do beforehand, so you know how to & are aware of the problems that you may encounter.

It may not be a straight forward read, flash & away you go, your vehicle may have different factory build options or modifications, requiring changes to the tune file to eliminate limp mode or other problems caused by copying an incompatible strategy or VID block.

There are also instances where a tuner lock will let you read & save a file from PCM 1 but not edit or write to it to PCM 2.

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7 hours ago, JKD69 said:

Thanks for the reply. I’m very new to this. Would licensing both be an easier option or will I still run into the dramas?

As @hjtrbo has said above, you'd need to read the tuned PCM first to see what you can do with it. To do that, you'll need an active PCMTEC account & genuine Tatrix cable or other suitable cable.

If the PCM is PCMTEC tuner locked, you won't be able to use the file.

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Pcmtec is awesome in that they'll let you buy the cheap version, then later when you want to upgrade to professional / worlshop etc they'll only charge you the price difference to do it. With a pricing model like that you've got nothing to lose having a crack. Good luck. 

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