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Spark map resolution


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Hey dudes. I recently started playing around in My tune a little. An I changed the spark map on the load scale part back to stock na. An adjusted it where was needed. 

I noticed ever since doing that I was able to put more timing into it. What I've posted below is just a mock up. 

So less resolution means it has a quicker pick up is that correct?


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The resolution doesn't have anything to do with it. It will still interpolate the timing and peg at the 1.2 load. At half throttle or low boost it will be less punchy than it could be if the tuning was optimised for the part load. Its possible you had knock control kicking in previously in the midrange and it wasnt adding the timing back until later than it could have. That could explain why less timing at 1.0 load means you can get more at full boost (what turbo and load do you have) 

Have you done a map trace of knock vs load on the previous map and the current one? 

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