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BA xr8 being supercharged


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well first off hello all!

currently in the process of installing a 2.3l kennebell supercharger, some crows cams to suit 8-10psi and the needed supported valve springs and a uprated fuel system to match.

i am a mechanic and have a pretty good knowledge with basic tuning and that were this all comes in to play i guess!!

im guessing im best of to get a read from the stock car before i start the mods? as im still waiting on a few things to get over here to start the build

Thanks all for the time if ya do happen to read this!!


i will end up at a dyno one day but this will be a longish build ill need to be able to get on and off trailers for a few things!

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Howdy mate that will be a sick build when it's all done. Yes you want to read the tune before you get modding so you have it as a backup. You will want to have a look at some stock super8 files so you get an idea of the difference between them and the na file. If you cant access them I'll pull my finger out and post up a few.

What I would start with is getting a wideband permanently installed so you see what the car does in day to day driving. You may want to have one for each bank for the extra data and safety that provides. You will need a dlp8 to get the afr data into the datalog, there is info on the forum about it. You will need a set of knock ears, they are vital for getting the timing correct on 98 octane. Boosted engines, especially stock ones, break fairly easily when they have detonation. When you get to using E85 a dyno will show you where the tune is showing diminishing returns. You will want a fuel pressure gauge that can feed the data into the datalog. You can see when a pump is running out if you have experience but it's a no brainer to have the data there to see if the pressure is falling off.

You'll need to get reading about all the stuff, there's a lot of info that goes into tuning, haha all those mechanical parts do things for reasons and we need to know as much as possible!

Anyhow there's that, should give you some idea of what's involved at the start.

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Hi mate, I have a BF XR8 with 2.6 Kenne BF XR8 KenneBell.tecBell blower on it. Stock engine with billet oil pump gears, it makes 385RWKW/ 343NM on a conservative tune.

I am not a tuner and originally it was tuned by a reputable shop with SCT tuning software which I later read then re-flashed using PCMTEC.

The PCMTEC software attracted me because of all the parameters you can change for drivability as this car is a daily driver as the SCT software is pretty basic.

As Puffwagon says, the ability to look at stock Ford files is handy as I used this to fine tune my Ford twin throttle body settings using an FG GT file and the Tip In Retard settings from an FGX Sprint to fine tune a dead spot when mashing the throttle from low revs as well as many other small settings for smoothness and drivability.

I'm running 11.8 pounds boost with Bosch 0 280 158 279 injectors and an Aeromotive 340 in-tank pump and from memory had 57 psi of fuel pressure on the dyno before the stock regulator. You will also need a decent exhaust system. I was recommended by Blue Power racing to fit a twin 3" system with 1 7/8 four into 1 extractors not only for increased flow under boost but also to help scavenge exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber so as to run more ignition timing.

As I said, I am not a tuner and have not touched any of the main fuel and timing curves that were set on the dyno except to tidy up a bit of low load and idle timing. I have attached a copy of my tune for you to look at and give you some idea on where you should be heading. This car has been a daily driver for the last 11 years with this power level and tune and it has been ultra reliable and idles like stock. I think the hardest thing to tune, from what I've read on these forums, will be your cams and you may not need them given the power and torque available from the blower.

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@FrogXA holy crap thanks so much! 

The cars allready got a 3" system in it.. and i have the headers waiting to go on as ill be doing headgaskets. Arp headstuds and a new timing set.   Im not aiming big on power i just want the whine and cam for the sound 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 

But all this is making me even more excited for this project even if it takes my a year to dial the cam in 🤣🤣👍

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All good mate. The 2.3 is probably a little small for big power anyway on the 5.4 but you will get a good blower whine happening. Cams will chew more fuel down low but if you're only using it as a weekender that won't matter. Except for the Mellings billet oil pump my engine has never been opened so I'm still using stock head gaskets and bolts.

The best part about the screw type blowers is the incredible torque they make basically straight from idle but very controllable with the throttle. Like driving a 9 litre big block around 😊

Have fun with your project and if you need any more info on my setup, let me know and I will help if possible 👍

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ohh to be honest, now that i look back at the sale i dont know what size the blower is!  just assumed it was 2.3 but could be 100% wrong 😅

yes the billet pump also something i have waiting to go in!!! seems like a must!

and thanks ill be on here a bit i would say when its time to get things running up!!!!

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