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ZF6 Limp Mode - 2018 Mustang Barra Conversion


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Hey, just hoping someone may be able to give me some help with my Barra/zf6 conversion into my 2018 Ford Mustang.

I am using haltech piggy-backed to the mustang ecu. I'm aware the ZF6 trans has its own TCM in built and that is sent to the CAN of the Haltech ECU.

My issue is the car drives well and is shifting from 1st to 2nd as expected for 'drive' however it will not engage into third gear. Im assuming the transmission is in limp mode. I am aware limp mode can be caused if the reverse light relay isnt wired in, therefore I have done this however the problem still remains and it just splutters at high rmp in 2nd gear. The remaining wires from the transmision include: m-gate and K-line.

I was just hoping someone may have some knowledge of a possible previous zf6 conversion and guide me to where I splice these two remaining wires as I suspect this is why it is still in Limp mode. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Barra Mustang.png

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hi mate this isnt really haltech support forum, you should try them.


Mgate is your shifter

K line is the diagnostics wire that goes to your obd2 plug.


if your zf was in limp mode it would be stuck in 3rd or 4th i cant recall.. you wouldet be able to select a gear.. you have a different issue.


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