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Air Load/MAP capping?


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Afternoon Guys,

Back at having no clue what I'm doing with falcons again, its been a while.

This falcon here is having some weird load capping issue? I did what has been done in the below forum post. There is nothing I can do to get it past about 111kpa manifold pressure, or 1.05ish load. Fueling isn't perfect (have a wideband) but it's not so bad where I could see it hitting a wall like this. Any ideas what I could try changing? Tune is basically stock BA tune, with turbo logic on, some stuff for injector tuning, a retarded borderline table, and TPS A/D count table halved.

Car Details:

Greentop in BA NA+T, 980cc Bosch Injectors.



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On 8/8/2023 at 1:04 PM, Roland@pcmtec said:

I have seen this on some calibrations before. Does having turbo logic switched on/off make any difference? Are you getting any DTC codes logged?

Did have a P2105 code, but cleared it and never saw it again. Turbo logic off results in the car not starting, and map sensor voltage reading differently (as I'd expect). I'm almost positive its tune related but played around with a lot and had not much luck

Its like some kind of torque reduction is kicking in? But seems to stay as driver determined even as the issue is occuring. 

Really stuck, any ideas on where to look?

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