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Fuel injector data


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 ID refers to, and HPT has a table called Injector Offset Multiplier vs Rail Temp. The only thing I can find in PCMTEC is Injector offset correction as a function of temperature(auF30313). HPT is a multiplier and PCMTEC is a correction in time(us). I would assume this accomplishes the same thing, but I believe the stock file has a multiplier of something other than one at most temperatures in HPT, but PCMTEC shows 0us correction for all temps on the stock file. I have verified that this 0 is rounded due to being a small number Am I missing something, wrong table, or just overthinking this?

Edit: After digging further, Injector Slope vs. fuel rail temp is showing all 1's for my stock calibration in HPT and ranges from .965-1.057 for the stock calibration in PCMTEC, where Offset multiplier mentioned above has all 0us(I believe the equivalent to an offset of 1) in PCMTEC and ranges from 1-1.120 in HPT. Could these tables be defined incorrectly by either PCMTEC or HPT?

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Which operating system is this? I will find the table ID for you. 

If you can screenshot the table you are talking about in HP also we can verify against that for you. 

Then we can ensure it's categorised better so it's easier to find. 

Alternatively you can simply read out an already modified tune and it will show in red in the navigator and you can find it categorically 100% that way. 

Do you have a tuned file read with pcmtec you can upload showing this table changed? 

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Fyi I am going overseas for a week. If I get time I will dig this up otherwise when I get back I will find it for you. 

Handy tip, only works for scalars but go to calibration tools - > View all scalars. Ctrl a, Ctrl c (might take a minute on a slow pc) then open excel and Ctrl v. You can then search and filter for values. Use the bulk change units to ensure your units match those of the other software you are using. You can find all sorts of interesting limits this way. 

We may even add a search function where you can paste a table in and it will find all tables that contain a subset of those values to assist with this in the future. @Zhuojian@pcmtec@Zhuojian@PCMTEC @Scott@pcmtec@Scott@PCMTEC this would make for a fun side project.

@Kirby@PCMTec if you have time next week before me see if you can help locate this table for @bankyf

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@bankyf it is auF61902 - "PFI injector offset temp. modifier" as it only applies to the PFI system.

Temperature sites are the same, but for some reason we have its unit set to temperature (Celcius) and for it to display correctly the Z data type must be set to Celcius (if you've globally changed to freedom units - it might not display correctly - there seems to be another display bug here I need to look into).




make sure its set to deg C in the context menu:



Looks like Slope Compensation (auF61903) is similar (and set to 1.0x across the board)

I've made a note - and I will fix this shortly (but I am going to have to ask the template team) - I am sure there is some weird data-type conversion that our automated tools have messed up. I think we have said it a thousand times, we have something like 100k parameters in the database, we rely on automatic tools to find and categorise these in every OS. And then we loop back and manually fix it, but it can be slow going - threads like this definitely help us identify "parameters of interest"


Teach a man to fish part:

1) Make sure development parameters are turned on

2) I searched for the terms "injector temp"

3) Because its a gen 3 there are two fuel systems in play (DFI and PFI) so the PFI terms were of immediate interest to me.


4) then I looked for tables that had a similar axis and worked back:



NB: I suspect the other two terms "Injector Offset Correction as a Function of Temperature" auF30313 might be from the Gen2 (PFI only) code which still exists in the PCM and *may* not be used, or may be additional Ford modifiers ontop of the bosch sub-system for fuel injection.



Cheers and have a great weekend.


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Are you guys able to see where the rail temp data comes from on the gen2/gen1 yotes? 

additionally is the inferred rail temp able to be calibrated if we wanted to confirm accuracy with external sensor? 

is there a way to see what auf32800 is doing in the code and what is impacted by changing its value?

table auf30970 is rail temp offset inferred should be used by.


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