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OEM Flex Fuel modifiers used with PCMTEC flex fuel

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For those of you utilising our canbus or user flex fuel configuration. It appears you can use a hybrid of our custom logic and the Ford OEM logic.

NOTE: This is yet to be tested, however if it works it means you could use the OEM flex logic with our canbus/user flex fuel as the input to the ethanol content. This would mean no learning is required and you set and forget the ethanol content.

You must also leave auF35397 "Calibration for Flag for Flex fuel system" disabled. Otherwise it would fight with our custom logic and cause weird things to happen. The FMT Custom OS Wizard will warn you if this flag is left enabled.

First step is to calibrate auF29291 which is an AFR to PM % lookup. This will then cause PM percentage methanol (really ethanol but Ford like to call it Methanol)

From a datalog this shows even with FFV (OEM flex fuel logic) disabled it still calculates the PM ratio.



From my brief reading of the code it appears that this means tables like the following could be used.

auF31238 Load Limit for ethanol (eg if you didn't have sufficient fuel supply for E85 at WOT).


Torque multplier


This is not tested however I am very confident that even the FFV tables for spark multipliers will be used.


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