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3.0 Load Limit in Ford Focus


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We've been told there a hard coded limit of 3.0 load in the Ford Focus. After some reading of the code we've found two limits that can occur in the Ford Focus. There is "MAF Sensor Saturation" (also used for MAP), and FSC "Fail safe cooling limit" along with several others.

We believe you could simply calibrate this out using the following table.


There is then a blended load limit from the following 3 tables.

The following table then enables load limiting for various sources. You could disable the load limit some of these sources by entering a 0.

0 = Predicated Load
1 = LSPI
2 = Max Load
3 = Launch
4 = Popcorn
5 = Wastegate DC
6 = Injector DC
7 = Lambda
8 = FSC
9 = Turbo overspeed


Finally if you don't wish to disable the load limit you may be able to use the load limit offsets defined here:

ID    Name    Value
auF50796    Predicted max load adder    0.3
auF50797    Predicted max load adder 2   0

These have not been tested however would be good starting points for anyone tuning a Ford Focus with a large turbo. If custom patching is required to bypass this limit then it is something we could look into.

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