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Gen 2 Coyote FRPP config Tune Dump


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Hello all, 

I am new to tuning and have been working on a gen 2 coyote swap into a 93 ford mustang lx for 5 years and finally getting around to the tuning. I am running into a condition with a pats deleted ecm where I am not getting spark to coils (but have 10.5+ v across while starting) or grounds to the fuel injectors (power but nothing grounding). I am using a ron francis telorvek harness (https://www.ronfrancis.com/product/502); I have gone through the directions and wiring with a fine tooth comb (spreadsheet reference from c175B and c175E back to the ron francis terminals) all is good, so I am thinking that either A.) pats is not deleted or B.) some ecm logic in the fuel pump to the injectors is not allowing the injectors to ground therefore no spark is created, (based on research so far).
I am also running a return style fuel pump (stock 93 mustang), fuel pump comes on, starter is controlled by the 93 ignition, power to ecm is good I get all kinds of reads (rpms, etc):


My question is: 
Does anyone have a ford racing performance pack pcmtec tune file I can have a look at to see if there is something between the BCM and ECM that should not or should be set?

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Here are the Gen2 Whipple/Roush/FRP files we have in our stock database. You can view these via calibration tools -> Tricore calibration list. We do have a one or two FRP files for road vehicles, however I can't tell you exactly which ones these are as this information is not stored in the file.


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I hooked up the pcmtec data logger and it shows pats is enabled on this ecm still. So this may be the real culprit. Completely thought the "anti theft" in forscan didn't mean much but now its starting to make sense.


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