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Mustang 18+ GT Active Exhaust - Track mode at all times with quiet mode still enabled/active.

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The following will set your active exhaust to be fully open in "track" mode at all time except for quiet mode.

In an 18+ GT this will set your exhaust flaps to be fully open (eg track mode) at all times except when "quiet mode" is selected on the dash. This will mean on the street you will only meet noise regulations when in quiet mode.


1 is "quiet" mode. I set it to still open the valve at WOT and high RPM.


Map 2,3,4,5,6,7 set to 1.0 at all times

Map 8, 9 and 10 leave as stock (0) We are not sure if these are ever used, so we simply left them at their default of 0 at all times). These may be FMEM tables or not referenced, there is an array that tells the PCM which map is to be used when, however this is chained via several what appear to be automatically generated code blocks which is difficult to follow. Trial and error is the quickest way to determine which map is which in this case.

This guide may not be suitable for newer vehicles. However is is confirmed as correct on RHD 18+ GT 5.0 Mustangs.

To be sure if it will work on your vehicle compare the stock values of these tables in any FSJJD calibration against your own, if the tables that are all 0 or 1 are the same, then the configuration is likely identical to yours.


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  • Roland@pcmtec changed the title to Mustang 18+ GT Active Exhaust - Track mode at all times with quiet mode still enabled/active.

2020 LHD Euro-spec GT here.

In addition to the tables shown above I had to do a few more changes, because at idle these tables didn't seem to work. The changes I had made to them may have worked at higher revs or speeds, but at idle they didn't. At idle the valves were always about 50% or so open in Normal mode, and about 80%, give or take, in Sport, despite having put a 1 in these tables at all revs. 
It turns out there are a couple of extra tables which control the idle, and which apparently take precedence.

In my particular case it was these two.

Stock version:


which I changed to this:


And this one:


which I changed to this:



Now my exhaust valves are open all the time, at any rpm, in any conditions, in all modes except Quiet. And they still close completely in Quiet, like they should. 


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In addition to the above, there's also something called "NVH exclusion mode". I have no idea if this mode is actually used in the Mustang. And if it is, no idea under which circumstances it is supposed to be activated (apart from the conditions described below). But just to be on the safe side I have adjusted the entry/exit conditions for this mode in such a way that they will never be met. These can be found in the scalars section.


Originally the NVH exclusion mode was programmed to work between 2000 and 3000 rpm, when the acceleration pedal input is between 5% and 81%. I changed all of these limits to make them impossible to reach.

I'm not sure if this was really necessary. Whether this so-called NVH exclusion mode is ever used in the Mustang (and what exactly it does if it is) is anyone's guess. But I figured it can't hurt to kill it anyway.


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I believe this is used in the convertibles. The convertibles even prevent certain downshifts due to NVH.

These maps can also be used to make droney exhausts sound quite nice. Eg if you put downpipes on your car you can really fix the rasp/drone whilst having a nice idle and high end rpm sound.

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