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Unable to connect to Ford PCM


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Hi Everyone, this is my first post here after recently getting some PCMtec software to assist with various projects. I do not consider myself very experienced in the area but I go ok with a bit of guidance and have pretty good electrical knowledge. As some of you seem to have vast knowledge of this stuff I thought I'd take the plunge and ask for some help.

So the story goes that a 2004 BA XR6 Turbo Ute was bought crash damaged many years ago. It has always started and run, though not very cleanly as far as I can gather, and having had the bodywork repairs completed, it was driven into a shed and parked for 10 weeks. Now it wont crank at all. The owner charged the battery and tried the starter with a jump wire (I know...) and reports that it cranks but wont fire. I can verify that the Ignition switch seems to work correctly though Radio and AC don't appear to power up. I freely accept  (And expect) some wiring dramas re chequered history but thought I'd try read some codes first to perhaps help with some info.

Forscan and PCMtec could not connect to the PCM in the car (J2534 Error). Genuine OBDX Pro FT adaptor. I removed the PCM and noted some previous dabbling; it was held in with roofing screws and there's  some curious felt tip handwriting on the PCM itself. I powered it using my proven bench loom (It readily works with another PCM I have) but still no joy even with PCMtec Recovery Mode though I'm not sure how to ID the PCM from the tear tag; can anyone help here (Pic Attached)? I've done quite a bit of reading and it does seem to be from an XR6Turbo but whether it's from this one or not I don't know... I don't have access to the vehicle to compare with the body tag and I don't have too much hope of it being there either as its "...Had a side put in it...." 🙄

If you need more info to help I'll do my best to provide that but I think you know as much as there is to know at this stage. Thanks again in advance, I look forward to learning.

PCM label.jpg

Screenshot 2024-02-05 143244.png

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Curiouser and Curiouser. Thanks both for input. Enforcer I'm beginning to wonder if you're on the right lines here and I reckon its someone swapping PCMs between cars and scribbling over the tear tags in an attempt to match them to a car. That screen-shot you posted is gold.

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maybe when they went into ford service back in the early days, they were updating strategy's


for example mine looked to be a 32Hd from factory

then ford updated it to the 32HE

then updated it again to 32HF

i got a p2105 replace pcm code atm, hopefully injectronics can send me out a replacement

id love to flash my new 1 straight to latest BA MK II Turbo strategy

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