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FG2 NA to turbo ECU strategy questions

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Hi All  

bit unsure on setup for a swap in a FG2

have a customer car NA FG2 ute with  a FG2 turbo  engine and ZF fitted to it, has all the NA wiring on it 

He has setup with an external boost controller (i may add the turbo wiring if i can use the turbo ecu easily)  have both the NA & turbo ECU,

whats my best way to go  about the setup? (currently all stock and will be tuned later)  

turbo ecu is APS-234 with osid HAEK2ME  and zf tcm AR29-7J105-FB osid 8R29V1

original to  the Ute NA ecu is APS-231 with osid HAEK2CZ and zf tcm 8R29-7J105-XC osid 8R29V1


can i create a stock file of the turbo strategy  & copy over the VID serial etc from the NA file and write to the turbo ecu & zf?  will this need security re linking? is there a way to avoid security linking? i see forscan cant link FG2



new to using pcmtec so trying to  avoid headaches as much as possible 

Cheers Drew


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Yeah i  understand the wiring side for adding the boost control & wiring, done plenty of standalone conversion stuff using HPtuners for pats off , just need to  make sure the FG2 OS, security &  programming isint going to become a headache, with compatibility to abs bem etc. since its all going back in the FG2 ute (i think the donor turbo car was a sedan)

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Cool, yes there is an ABS issue with NA - Turbo conversions as the ABS pumps are different,

You will find info in this thread

PATS should be fine, Download Forscan 2.4, Pay for the extended license and do parameter reset

There is some info in here



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Thanks so merge over vid vin etc to  the turbo ecu, program  abs to turbo config with forscan and parameter reset to  sort security, (can fg2 be reset with forscan or is it only fgx that  gives the issues?  


this is the turbo ecu image.png.1000e662304ef677c210e7b8cb440310.png

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