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Mass air or F150 speed density strategy for turbo Mustang GT

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No one has done a map based truck os in a Mustang to date that i know of. Its not impossible but it wound be a huge undertaking as the abs, drive train friction run well all need recalibrating. I don't believe even the firing order is the same. 

Also means you actually need to understand speed density tuning, no more MAF curve fudging. 

If I had an entire spare year and was retired I'd consider it as a challenge. 

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Hello Roland. Couldn't the drivetrain friction and abs be copied from the Mustang tables?

You are correct the  firing order is different. Can repin the harness if necessary. I see in the tune the firing order can be changed. The exhaust cam gears on the f150 are different too so the exhaust cam timing would have to be messed with.

Have done quite a bit of Stand alone speed density tuning so i have a pretty good grasp on the SD side of things. Also have a Map sensor i use to log actual map on my 17 coyote and i use it to tune the coyote Speed Density.

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