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Errors galore when connecting Tactrix openport


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I had PCMTec a while ago, but just around to buying TacTrix Openport dongle (didn't see that it was available from this site, bought from Ti Performance).

Now, I connect this to my G6ET and it throws up DSC fault, ABS fault etc, just on plugging this to the OBD port. Is this supposed to happen? Anyone else got this? Did I get a bad one? I know this post may not belong here, but I wanted to make sure what the expected behaviour is before I take it up with the seller.

Also, PCMTec (v 0.74) wasn't available to read DTC's using this dongle(would hang and do nothing), but could read the stock tune, which I was able to download to my laptop. I was able to read and clear DTC's with FORSCAN though. Any thoughts?

Appreciate any help.



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During a flash read/write I would expect to see some faults occur as the PCM is in test mode (basically like it is unplugged and blocks comms to all the modules). Just plugging the tactrix in without it being attached to a laptop I would not expect to see faults though I've never actually seen a late model Falcon whilst it has been flashed (someone else can confirm what happens). Can you confirm if the tactrix is plugged in without being plugged into a laptop if this occurs?

The faults should all clear after a flash however, I can't see any actual issues that will cause you grief here.

DTC reset only works on a limited number of vehicles in PCMTEC. We will look at finishing this as part of the datalogging project. Forscan is a great tool for DTC reading and key recoding, so I would recommend continuing to use it for these items. It also supports a large range of vehicles as well.

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Ok. So the errors only happen during flash read by PCMTec and not when I just plug in the Tactrix, so all good.

Version 0.75 is also unable to read any DTCs even after waiting, and the only option is to kill the process, so way to cleanly exit or abort this process. Maybe something to take care of, in one the future versions.

Thanks for the help.

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