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HeLP: FPV GT-F 351 auto tune into a FGX XR8 auto


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I have a 2015 ford falcon fgx xr8 auto. This is the factory supercharged 5.0 engine with zf auto gearbox.

I wanted to flash in a 2014 FPV GT-F 351 tune with zf auto.

So i would have a factory tune but just a bit more power than I currently have. Both these cars have the exact same hardware but different tunes.

Is there anyone on here that could do it for me?

Please email me and advise of your cost.

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26 minutes ago, Fgxxr8 said:

So what would be required if i do myself? 

Get the $300 package get a base GT-F file and morph with my fgx tune?

There is more to it than that. Firstly you need pro to get the file in the first place. Also you need pro to flash the ZF. Then if you merge you need workshop as there will be thousands of parameters in workshop that you won't be able to see. You could just blindly flash the entire file with pro but you may run into diff/gear ratio issues if they aren't the same. 

Finally if you have modules that don't match you'll be stuck with a check engine light and non functioning ABS. If this was the case you might need Ford IDS to reprogram it. 

Definitely recommend you pay a workshop to do this for you. This sort of stuff is a headache to do which is why I doubt anyone will touch it for under $600

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I had a workshop say they would do it for $375 but on sct.


Another shop said if i fit an exhaust in their shop they would do it for free.

Im really sceptical as how do i know its the genuine tune. They coukd just flash my file in and i wouldnt know any different 

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