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Billet Cams in Barra

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Just got set of new "crow cams stage 3" as they call them.

Car is a Fg mk2 xr6t , with variant add ons. Crow springs ,1100cc injectors, 525 pump, factory fuel reg. Highflowed turbo.,pump gears, HD chain.,head studs..zf auto.

Had a mishap with a failed parabolic guide ("i don't want mentioned the performance brand"). Due to the nature failure,I decided to replace cams. Looked at crow cams data sheet,  stage 3 i went with.

I'm aware of what parameters and seat time thus will consume.  Has anyone attempted with cam replacement thats mild and had good success?

Reading a post, from the how too, gives some intel that will help.

Doesn't sound promising or not many threads related to non factory cams,besides flooded out ghost cam threads..

Some resources,  I spoke with  said drop factory ecu and go haltech due to the complexity. I don't see that being the case unless proven wrong?

I'm well aware of factory cams are easy and aggressive cams are not needed for street. I personally will be attempting it, I do see some value add.All my prior cars had cams and made big difference.

Anyone got a base or parameter files i can look at for comparison?




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FYI, I haven't installed cams yet, shortly I will when time permits. 

I'll run in the cams and then datalog to see any cam errors, 100% I know I need to address the SD tables as a starting point.

I got told by a resource who visited a tuner prior said I'm wasting my time..lol... 

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Mild cams need stuff all work to get sorted, you just adjust the SD table until the fuel is right. You'll need to add fuel at idle, pull a bit out in light load and add a bit up top, or something like that. You'll probably need to add a bit of cranking fuel and you can add a bit more throttle opening for startup if you think it needs it.

The engine will still be knock limited on 98 at every load point, so go through and add as much timing as it will handle, this is no different to usual, except usually you can't add timing to a stock barra that's getting the boost turned up cos the tune already has enough. Also you don't run in a roller cam, that's only a flat tappet thing.

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Thanks  puff for the insight, as always helpful. I'll look at those tables and see how I go.

I thought any cam needs a run in?

Been told this years ago.. I had a quick look on the net you're right. Other diehard engine builders say its ideal to do (run in)?. I'm going easy way..no run in..once again thanks.

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