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FG 4.0L in Ba Tuning Help


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Ive recently converted my Ba to a FG motor, its up and running no problems apart from fuel consumption, i am about to upgrade to the Pro Version of PCMtec, and i was wondering what things will i have to look out for or specifically do to Transfer Spark and Fuel maps from a FG to a BA, im using a complete FG motor intake and all, Ive only swapped the BA Tb and TMAP over but using the FG Fuel Injectors.

Thanks For The Help

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Do you know what FG specifically it came from? As you will need a base tune to compare it to. There may be some maps that are only available in the workshop edition so you may not be able to compare them all, however all the main important spark and speed density maps will be there.

Bad fuel economy usually indicates a problem with O2 trimming. What are your O2 LTFT (Long term fuel trim) percentages?

Once you get a base tune to compare it to I recommend comparing the speed density maps between them. Now the BA and FG use different resolution maps (and different IDs) so these will need rescaling and massaging if you want to copy them over. You can use the axes rescale wizard to do this, there is a thread on how to do this:


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