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Can't see some fuel injector data


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Has anyone had an issue where they can't see some injector parameters (anything under the Scalars item)?  For example if I open my own file I can see::


But if I open HAEDJG4 I can see:


If I open my original file (which was a custom-tuned version of HAEDLL8 with factory XR6T injectors) and do a compare with HAEDJG4 (an FG F6 file) it doesn't show me that the those missing parameters are different despite the files having different injectors:


However previously I grabbed the F6 injector data from HAEDJG4 and used it to build an updated file, so I must have been able to see that data at some point.  (If I compare my original file with my current file that has HAEDJG4 injector data, the slopes etc are definitely different, so I haven't saved over my original file or anything).


The above is just an example - lots of the stock files I open don't have the scalars visible.  I'm using 0.75 and have selected Show All Parameters in the context menu.


Is there an issue or am I missing something obvious?





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Are you using an old version perhaps? I just created a fresh stock file using HAEDJG4 and I see the following. I noticed that the "Delta Temperature - °F) etc are missing in y ours.


Can you download the latest version of 0.75 off the website (it should show version 0.75.6988.19134 if you have the latest) You can check via Help -> About or by scrolling to the top of the log.


If you are using the latest version and you still have the same problem, can you go to This PC > Document > PCMTec > 0.75 > Stock Files and delete HAEDJG4


Then restart the editor and then open the file again via Calibration Tools -> Create Stock File.

Let me know how this goes. It sounds like either an old version of the software, it it has found an old stock file and failed to update it.




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Thanks Roland

I am definitely using 0.75 but double checked against the detailed version number above to confirm.  Tried everything you suggested (although I can't Create Stock File as I'm on Enthusiast - but can of course just open a file from the stock database).

I then tried uninstalling PCMTEC, deleting the PCMTEC folder under Documents and then re-installing from scratch but have the same issue.

I can recreate the issue even with files from the stock database that I have never opened before.  Some files though do have fuel injector scalars visible.  

Is there anything else I can try?  



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That's what I don't understand - the file I pulled from my car last year still reads fine. Shouldn't two valid .tec files of similar vintage behave the same?

Or do you mean that the files in the stock database zip file you mentioned now don't work on Enthusiast since the return to stock feature was added to Pro and Workshop?

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The file you read from your car is licensed, so it has the latest updated templates which is what is downloaded when you see Downloading updated templates at startup. Only licensed files get updated.

The only way unlicensed files get updated is if you use the stock wizard to download them, or someone else who has licensed the file sends it to you. Hence why those files are out of date in that old zip file.

We do this as part of the copy protection so we do not have to ship the entire database of templates with the software.

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8 hours ago, Andrew said:

Thanks mate. It is a pity to lose access to those files as it was great functionality, but understand where you are coming from too.

The upgrade to pro is only $330!

If you put an hourly figure on your time it quickly pays for itself. Not to mention all the extra parameters and getting access to the VID block editor.

The main reason why we stopped the zip file is we were creating it manually, it was not practical to keep it up to date so we added the automatic stock file wizard which creates fresh updated files as you need them. You can be ensured that these files are always up to date as the editor checks for updates on startup.

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