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When rescaling some axis such as the RPM axis on the "MAP intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC open"(auF0057) table in the A3AD calibration (BA non turbo auto) there is 14 cells on the RMP axis but in the scale editor there are only 13 that can be changed that i can see. once i go back to the "MAP intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC open"(auF0057) table the last two cells are the same scale but can have different values in each column.
how do i edit this last scaler. I've played around with a few different ways but cant figure it out, there are a few other table i have come across that behave in a similar manor.



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You have set up the axis incorrectly and missed cell no 13. The axis only has 13 values so you will have to skip one and interpolate it which is why Ford did this from the factory.

Some of the axis that Ford have done are quite strange, I believe it is hangover from the days where they had memory restrictions. Because of this you often have skip cells and let it interpolate them automatically for you.

Eg if you do the following

rpm      cell

1000     1

5000      5


This would interpolate into the following automatically and save you 4 rows (16 bytes) which adds up.

1000    1

2000    2

3000    3

4000    4

5000    5


Knowing this  you should be able to get any values you want, you just have to be creative about it.

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