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  1. Have you got the pressure switch for the A/C plugged in? Might sound silly but it can cause the fans to run flat out strait away and not turn off. It doesn't have to be plumbed into the A/C system just plugged into the connector to make it work as it should.
  2. If I was to get a ford FSM from the motocraft website, does anyone know if you can download them while the subscription is still valid then still access them after it has finished?
  3. I have been using pcmtec on my dual boot MacBook Air (only laptop is have access to) using boot camp for nearly a year now and haven't had any issues so far, touch wood.
  4. Not sure if you are aware or not but the LPI motor doesn't have the same rods that the other gas motors have which are similar in comparison to that of the turbo motors, the LPI have the same rods that standard n/a motors have and although people have made good power on the n/a motors I'm not sure how much boost it could take being such a high compression ratio of 12:1
  5. Will 1.21 have data logging for BA?
  6. Did you ever get around to testing this richard i would be interested in seeing how you went with it.
  7. Ive read through the speed density tuning how to a few times now and im not sure if im missing it or if its not explained there but im wondering how the MAP Intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC Open table (auF0057 in A3AD calibration) is established. Im up to tuning the turbo conversion me and a mate have been doing and comparing the standard table of the NA ba to a calibration of a turbo ba the numbers are all different no surprise there but im assuming it is important to have these numbers correct before doing the slope tuning. thanks your help is much appreciated
  8. When rescaling some axis such as the RPM axis on the "MAP intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC open"(auF0057) table in the A3AD calibration (BA non turbo auto) there is 14 cells on the RMP axis but in the scale editor there are only 13 that can be changed that i can see. once i go back to the "MAP intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC open"(auF0057) table the last two cells are the same scale but can have different values in each column. how do i edit this last scaler. I've played around with a few different ways but cant figure it out, there are a few other table i have come across that behave in
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