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  1. Wow, that is very neat. I did do anymore searches for large camshaft tuning since early december, kicking myself you had a write up in Jan. This is very neat. My Map slopes are no longer stock and hence if change to the custom OS as described in your write up will I lose my values? will they go back to stock? Are there other tables that are affected by the change?
  2. My fellow PCMTEC tuners, I thought I'd take some time to write about my tuning experience regarding my FPV BF GT 290. I share this topic for public comment and also to see if anyone can gain something from my experience and possibly add things I may have missed. I bought the GT (my second one!) early November 2020, 30,000km done on a newby engine and the previous owner wanted big cams. I also point out the big cams - not needed for stock engines and unless you are doing 600+HP. They sound good at idle but have caused me headaches. I drove the car for a while. Idling at 1000RPM d
  3. Hey there. We did not have to touch this table. I found the spark advance was at 5deg on crank. Modified the spark tables to get zero and worked like a charm. Two cranks and it was started at 95deg ect which normally took 10 cranks.
  4. Great, very clever, the table starts off lean at start of crank then richens during crank - didn't occur to me to check against turbo! will try your suggestion. Many thanks.
  5. Thank you BeerTurbo. Appreciate it. Will advise after changes. I notice yesterday, the commanded hot start spark advance was about 5.5. After some work with the tables especially AUF222 where the table was halved resulted in excellent hot start. We are working throught the wider implications of this table on the main spark request during running an WOT. These values were also used in my vehicle which has massive cams and has resulted in good startup. PLease confirm Auf0181 to be like:
  6. Hi Roland where do I find the temperature setting to use cold start crank settings please
  7. Thanks understood, maybe I will ask the questions another way, the offset_sec in the equations comes from the battery offset table?
  8. Hi Roland, just to pick this up. Does Min Pulse Width = offset in these equations? I think you mentioned it early on. How does the battery offset come into equation then?
  9. Many thanks. That is a good option to try. Will let you know how I go with a Manual ABS module.
  10. If only it was that easy. I have talked with bpr as well and we have come as far we can. The fg ecolpi didnt come in manual and hence there is no access to the "transaxle" parameter. May have to replace the abs module with manual version as they are self configuring and dont appear in the ids system.
  11. Is there anyway to remove the U0402 code? Seems like the abs wants to communicate with the tcm which is no longer available. Abs come up ids as well as forescan. Is there are parameter in the editor that can turn this MIL off. Milan.
  12. Quick update: Conversion has been a success and the car runs fine. I just cant seem to get rid of the transmission fault on the dash. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Hi everyone, looking for some help. Before proceeding, please don't ask why, I'm still shaking my head, but a workshop has asked me to help. They have converted a FG MKII EcoLPI to a manual. No manual looms exist for an ECO LPI. For now we have kept the ECU (HAEL2JF.HEX) and the wiring looms. The can bus remains joined at the wiring loom of the ZF. I can see communication with all major controllers (except TCM of course), so the CAN BUS is working. At ignition lights, "transmission fault" fault appears. I have followed numerous topics from PCMTEC to set various parameters:
  14. Excellent. If you leave the pressures the adaptive over 1000km will make it so smooth. Our 6r80 zf box in our ute changes gear and you wouldnt even know. We keep normal shift pressures low. In reduced upshifts we up them 30% for some head slapping fun. But a normal box will break shafts doing this. Milan
  15. I have set up a FG with 3000 stall TC. As Roland stated don't lock up under hi torque. I have set it up to lock in 2nd gear in the manual shift tables. But we do have a 600HP engine behind meaning it wont bog down at early lock up. We keep the TC locked pretty much until it idles down to 1st.
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