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F6x Desired boost


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Hi all,

I have a stock SY territory turbo which I am about to start modifying.  I am taking the advice of having a look and different factory tunes, to compare what they change.  I am waiting on wideband O2 sensor to arrive and install before i start modifying and datalogging.  It may get a full dyno tune done the track once there are a few more mods. 

I'm looking at the FPV F6x desired boost table and want to make sure I'm reading it correct.6877485_f6xboost.PNG.d9b1f979e86e831361697da781efcb6e.PNG

This show peak desired boost of 27inHg ie. about 13psi.  Is that correct? or is there a multiplying factor that i'm missing?


Stock desired boost of 16inHg (about 7psi) seemed reasonable, but maybe I'm missing something.

Does a stock F6x really hit 13PSI?

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I bought a TTG just before the weekend - bring it home, fix a few little bits and pieces and then immediately downloaded the flash, saved it and compared to stock F6X.

As far as I'm aware, engine wise they are identical and the difference in power is only in the tune - looking at the compare they haven't changed a lot between the two, with the major changes being running higher boost, with changes in all the tables you'd expect to support that, along with a slight change in scaling to the spark tables for the higher load values and new spark values for the higher load and to match the scaling.

Being bold (its a ford tune after all) I copied across almost everything wrote it to the car and took it for a drive - fastest and cheapest improvement in performance I've had in a while haha.


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Yep, from all the information ive found, there was no difference in the engine or supporting hardware(even the exhaust bung), just tune. 

I actually got PCMTEC professional just so i could do the changes in the TCM as well. Looking at a couple of extra shift maps, most of it is also just the same.

I did some calculation on injector duty cycle from my datalog with f6x higher boost and found its gets to 85% above 4500rpm which i think is why the boost trails off fairly early.

First upgrades are exhaust debung and injectors- im thinking bosch 42lb (https://www.tiperformance.com.au/products/bosch-42lb-440cc-968-green-injectors/) to put some limit so i dont go silly and end up lifting the head.

This is supposed to be my sensible daily for carting kids around.... my other car is a v8 capri.

So much fun. Pcmtec is definitely the best value for money upgrade for any turbo barra!

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42lb or f6 injectors are a good upgrade if your only keeping boost lowish and petrol fuels. personally id aim for the 600 or so cc range that will pretty much effectively cover whatever the stock turbos going to give you. do not forget the fuel pump, walbro 255 wont require you to upgrade or modify the fuel pressure regulator.


with the turbo terry, its super easy to cut out the mid muffler. id recommend a high flow cat and replace the mid muffler with a hot dog resonator.

get rid of the top mount, they pretty much do nothing after the first on boost gear-change (from a standstill mine used to be about 80 deg by the time it was in 2nd gear and after fitting the front mount the air charge is only few degrees above ambient temp).

at this point you might want to port your rear housing and fit a 7-9 psi actuator. you may find loading the f6 tune and trying to get it to command 12/13psi through the top end your actuator might not have enough preload if stock.


my terry has done a 12.9 quarter with the f6 terry timing maps and 14 psi boost. puffs terry is insane he has that thing making some serious sauce.

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