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MAP Intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE


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Ive read through the speed density tuning how to a few times now and im not sure if im missing it or if its not explained there but im wondering how the MAP Intercept at Zero AIRCHARGE IMRC Open table (auF0057 in A3AD calibration)  is established.

Im up to tuning the turbo conversion me and a mate have been doing and comparing the standard table of the NA ba to a calibration of a turbo ba the numbers are all different no surprise there but im assuming it is important to have these numbers correct before doing the slope tuning.

thanks your help is much appreciated

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I'm fairly sure Darryl covered this in some detail in the other thread but the rough guidelines are as follows:

If your fuel trims are off by 10% at 0-5kpa and then perfect from 10kpa onwards you should modify the offset (map at zero aircharge) by 5% and then the slope very very slightly in the opposite direction.

If your fuel trims are off by 10% at 0kpa and at 300kpa, then you should modify the slope by 5% and leave the offset.


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