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HOWTO: Upgrade Mk1 FG to a HAEE4** Operating System with spare ROM - Manually

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This guide is superseeded by the new HAEE conversion wizard which will upgrade your operating system automatically for you. Please only follow the manual procedure if you have a vehicle which is not supported by the automatic conversion wizard.


This guide is designed for Mk1 FG 4L I6 vehicles (V8 OS doesn't need changing) that are using an operating system other than HAEE3/HAEE4 and want to upgrade to a Custom Operating System with extra tables such as the MFT or Flex Fuel system.

The reason the Mk1 FG's must be upgraded to this operating system is due to the fact that the early Mk1 FGs came with a 5 speed automatic transmission (5R55) which was controlled by the PCM and not via a separate TCM like the 6 speed ZF, this code is present regardless of if the vehicle is a Manual or 6 Speed ZF.

As the 5R55 assembly code is very large and leaves almost no spare ROM within the PCM we have to upgrade the OS to one that does not contain the 5R55 code. Obviously this also means that only manual and ZF 6 speed Mk1 FGs can have the Custom Operating System enabled.


Normally changing operating system would cost an additional 2 credits, in the case of upgrading to HAEE3/HAEE4 and then enabling the Custom Operating System an automatic discount will be calculated which will subtract 2 credits from the total fee to make up for the upgrade. If you are using the pre-release 1.21 beta version, then you will need to contact support to be credited for the upgrade.


First step is to find an appropriate HAEE3/HAEE4 operating system to use as a base. As an example we will use the following file HAEDLM9. First we will locate this strategy within the calibration list (only available for workshop users under the calibration tools menu).

In the calibration list you must first find your Strategy and look under the "HAED Conversion" column to find the corresponding HAEE3/HAEE4 OSID to use.


If you see NONE_5R55 this means the vehicle is an actual 5 speed auto and conversion is not possible (though you would have already known this!).

If you find HAEE** you can skip to STEP 2 

If you see NONE_NO_READ this means we do not have a stock read for this vehicle. If this is the case and you do have a stock read for this vehicle please contact support and let us know!

For these vehicles you will need to determine the HAEE3/HAEE4 strategy manually. First locate your strategy in the list and make note of the following parameters for an auto ZF (TCM Calibration Level, Axle/trans and tyre rev/mph). If you have a manual ensure the Auto Trans" flag, axle/trans and tyre rev/mph match instead.


In this example we have 5, 68 and 812

Next we must find a HAEE3/HAEE4 strategy which matches the figures above. In this example we can find HAEE4U8

Note that you can utilise the filter editor to assist in this task (similar to that of excel). 




Now that we have located HAEE4U8 as a matching operating system ID we can use the stock file wizard to make a fresh stock file.



Press "Create and Merge" then select your previous tune and save and license the resultant file (will prompt for 2 credits which will be discounted from the custom operating system license).

Once you have created a fresh stock file, the next step is to import your previous TCM file (not applicable for manual vehicles)

Do do this use the following option File -> "Import/Export ECM" -> "Import ECM" and select your previous tune.


First ensure you press "No" to replacing the PCM


Then press "Yes" to replacing the TCM


Next save the file, open the change history/compare window and press "Load File" then select your previous tune. Once the tune loads press "Yes" to the partial load popup. This will ensure you only copy over changes to the tune YOU made. We are not interested in copying over all the changes Ford made between the two strategies (as there will be a lot!) as these may not suit the new operating system.


Once the file has loaded we recommend manually reviewing all the changes and selecting only those which you wish to copy over. If you are sure you want to copy everything you can press "Ctrl + A" then "Space" to automatically highlight and select all changes. Then press "Apply" to apply these to your new stock tune.


Now before creating a custom operating system you must flash this file into the vehicle and verify that the vehicle operates as it did before the upgrade. This means checking for any DTC codes such as ABS/DSC faults, ensuring the TCM is not in limp mode (stuck in 3rd gear) and that the cruise control operates. If any of these do not operate you will need to go back to the compare screen and select "no" for partial load, then you will need to review all the changes Ford have made between the two operating systems and make intelligent decisions of what could be causing your issues, then apply these values 1 by 1. Do not go applying all of the changes at once or you may cause more issues.

Generally providing the axle ratio and TCM calibration level match, you will not have any issues. In the case where they do not match, you will need to manually review the files to ensure the vehicle operates as it did prior to the upgrade.

Note: If your previous file was a custom operating system, once you have created a new fresh custom operating system, you will need to do a partial load a second time to review any tables that were missing in the previous compare (eg flex fuel tables etc).


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We now have an extra column in the strategy list to help you determine the appropriate HAEE4 operating system. I have updated the post above describing this in detail.

You can thank @Darryl@pcmtec for painstakingly comparing the different base operating systems to figure out the correct mapping there. Please note that this mapping is not perfect and there may be unknown differences, however it uses far more information than we previously did in the manual method to determine a hardware match, so you should have much better mileage.


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