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BF NA to Turbo


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Hello everyone,


I have a 2006 BF NA XR6 Ute with a BTR 4 Speed Auto.


I’m currently putting all the supporting mods on to turbo it.


  • Bosch 1250cc injectors.
  • Fuel Pressure regulator set to 4 Bar.
  • Map sensor is changed to a standard turbo 2.5 Bar.


I haven’t changed my engine or loom, I have Standard NA ABS module, Standard NA computer.


My plans in the future is to put a fully built FG motor in with a C4 behind it and send it, but for now while I build that motor is to keep the NA engine and turbo it.


I’m not sure what would be the best option for me before starting the build.

  • To change strategies to a BF F6 strategy.
  • Leave my NA file and copy everything from a BF F6 strategy, the downside of that will be having a smaller load axis.


Thank you.

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