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Is there an RPM ceiling the factory knock control will pull timing at WOT? I've got an early eGas engine in my patrol (10.7:1), with FG inlet, BF ecu and cams. Have adjusted timing according to the knock logs at WOT. I haven't had my knock ears on it recently, but it sometimes blows a bit of white smoke at WOT at high rpm. Doesn't seem to be pulling timing.

Does it have a rpm where knock control stops controlling timing?

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There is a sensitivity map which is desensitised at higher rpm due to the increased engine noise. The knock system is not perfect and it doesn't surprise me that it misses real knock from time to time especially at higher rpm with an upgraded camshaft. The upgraded cam/valve springs are going to increase the valve train noise quite dramatically.

I would look to invest in an aftermarket knock setup.

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Thanks Roland. Great work on the logging release btw.
When tuning a vehicle on the dyno, is there suggested settings to disable knock control (to find proper MBT & Borderline spark values)?

A shop in my town has just installed a dyno, so I'll rent some time from him (costs permitting), and tune this thing properly.

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