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4bar map install


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I am installing a 4 bar map senser.I am unsure on what parameters need to be adjusted to make it work could you please point me in the correct location. Also on a ba computer is there a way to add more load cells to change the load points on the timing tables or is this all I can do.


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Hi Carl,

    The Boost sensor and T-MAP configuration are under Speed Density:


Ford uses a formula of MAP = Slope * Volts - Offset, where MAP is in inches of mercury (inHg), Volts is the sensor volt reading and Offset is also in units of inHg. 

For the turbo sensor you will see the formula  as being inHg = 15.98 * V - 0.49. A common set of 4 bar values is the Bosch C2 values with 50Kpa as being 0.5 V and 400Kpa at 4.5V. You can uses these values to compute that Slope is approximately 25..84 and Offset for the above is -1.845. 

With respect to increasing the table resolution there are two ways. The first is to install the FPV calibration into the car which gives you a higher resolution set of tables taht are like the ones used in the BF. The second option is for a custom OS which will allow for things like gear based boost control, TMAP switch to boost sensor, higher resolution tables and a lot more. These are still being tested by our Workshop users.


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