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i6 Throttle Settings - Curve Adjustment


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Hi all,

If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Have my Barra N/A GQ Patrol, have it tuned up, but want to improve the throttle responsiveness, as it's a big car. Don't need drastic changes, just a bit, but every time I make a change, it throws codes at me. I've not changed the minimum & maximum, but have tried the following:
- Changed auF0083 & 84 to a 'similar to FG' curve

- Changed auF0083, 84 & auF077 (Desired Throttle Angle) to match

- Changed gain to FG (0.3)

- Changed a small amount in the above tables

No matter where I change it, it seems to clip and have a fit. What am I missing? I can't see any limiters in the Drive-By-Wire settings either. I even threw everything FG in there that relates to throttle (I have an FG throttle body & manifold) and it still failed.

**I understand these settings can cause big problems, but only looking for small changes at >40% throttle.


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