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PCMTEC Editor Version 0.50 Release Notes


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We are happy to release the next major beta release of PCMTEC Editor Version 0.50. The following new features have been added:

Change History

This is a large update. Change history is displayed as a tree with the same layout as the navigator. Each change you make in the program is recorded and saved.  Each individual change can be "applied" to revert the change..


Each time you save the program a new "Session" is created and each change is stored in its session. There is also an "All Items" session which shows all change history ever made to the file. Selecting between each "Session" will show changes made in that session only compared to the current state of the tune.


TableView Change History

Individual tables now also show their change history that is displayed in the same fashion as the "Compare/History" overview.


Each change history item can be selected and viewed by clicking on the list entry. You can scroll through them all by using the up and down arrows on the keyboard. Should want to revert to a specific history item simply press "Apply".


ScalarView Change History

Scalars have the same change history as found on the TableView. You can scroll through the historical values from the history drop down. The historical value is shown under "Historical/CurrentValue". Once again you can revert to the change history value by pressing "Apply".



You can now undo/redo within tables and within scalar lists. To undo simply press Ctrl + Z. To redo press Ctrl + Y. Or you may use the new Undo/Redo buttons located at the top of the table viewer. This will allow you to undo all changes made to this table/scalar.


Stock Files

This is another major change. We have now added automatic downloading of stock files for vehicles you have licensed. These stock files are stored in my documents with your settings. These files are automatically updated to show new parameters. These updates are performed each time you login.


Each of these stock files is now loaded into the change history of your licensed TEC files allowing you to compare all of your files against the stock values. This is done automatically when you open a file. 


This will show you the stock value "Compare File" vs your current value. From this screen you can return bulk values to stock by selecting "Stock" from the drop down list. Entering "Stock Value" into the search panel, selecting all items (Ctrl+A) then pressing "apply". This will revert all known parameters back to their original values. Care should be taken with this. 


You can also view the stock value via the TableView and the ScalarView and easily revert one value at a time.



You can now load unlimited compare files. Compare files are loaded via pressing "Load Compare File" from the Compare/History popup. You can then select each file from the drop down one by one and compare the changes to your current file. The same drop down is visible on tables and scalars.


Recent file history can now be accessed from the File menu.


DTC Codes

DTC Codes can now be read and reset from the "Vehicle Info" screen. A DTC reset is now performed after a flash read and write to ensure lost comms DTCs are cleared.


Log Visibility

For those of you with smaller laptop screens the Log can be hidden (until an error occurs) via the View menu. This setting is remembered until you untick it.


Minor changes

  • Ability to single click anywhere on the navigator groups to expand them. Eg single clicking on "Scalars" will now auto expand/close the list of "Scalars.
  • image.png.c9f47ab6085b1de4b0bfd359bd0abd59.png
  • When clicking on an invidivual scalar from the navigator it now automatically scrolls the scalar view to show you this scalar. This helps you find the parameter when looking through the large lists of development parameters.
  • image.thumb.png.0b64c2e3d20bf00b1179a2f2be3971ee.png
  • Scalar View/Navigator Colour Updates. We now use a traditional pink/red colour to indicate a value is dirty (has changed but has not been saved). Blue to show a selected item and yellow to show search item text.
  • image.png.6581977967449a49f6b24ef1bd9786fd.png
  • Scalars now have maths available to them! This works in the same way as the TableView maths does.
  • image.png.51c0575bd0a40284b3d8f1a59d762abe.png


Bug Fixes

  • Entering ".55" into the maths entry will automatically edit and append the text to "0.55". Previously it would convert to "55.
  • Attempting to read a vehicle when not logged in would give an error saying the vehicle was not supported instead of "Must be logged in" when attempting to license the vehicle.
  • Improved consistency of units and use SI where possible (this should be already visible in 0.41)
  • Can now enter spaces into char/string fields.


Next Release:

The next major release will be to add support for flashing and editing the ZF 6HP 6 speed transmission. We will have a demo file available shortly to allow you to view what parameters will be available.







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