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KPM 1500cc injector scaling. Does this seem right?


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Hi everyone, 

So i bought a set of kpm 1500cc injectors and put the "plug and play" data for BA/BF/FG including the deadtime offsets. The trims were way off. I know it not unheard of at all to have data not work 100% but i had to make pretty massive changes to data that is meant to be close for a falcon. Base fuel pressure 4 Bar on the GFB fuel reg. I used all the 4 bar data that KPM gave me. I'm just asking to see if this is what other people have gotten? I don't think i have a mechanical issue, but this is giving me doubt's. I had to really richen the high slope.

I'm a novice tuner, i've done my best to learn and follow guides. 



KPM scaling


What i had to get within a few % LTFT 



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I believe their data is from a flow bench. It's not from a car that has been tuned with it. They then tune the speed density to suit. Lots of tuners do this. Personally I believe this approach is wrong and causes lots of side effects (eg the change to speed density changes load which changes spark/torque and hence also changes the gearbox tune) 

If you put stock ford injectors on a flow bench the numbers won't match what is in the computer. So really the main use of a flow bench is to determine the relationship of high to low slope and the dead time, you then scale them via trial and error with no changes to speed density. The resulting numbers should then be used with that fuel pressure. 

We are covering this in the tuning guide that Dave Symons is writing. 

So short answer, yes their data does not work in my personal experience and also from other tuners. The same is true for 100% of injector data I have ever used. ID was the closest but nothing has ever worked out the box. 

Injector scaling is not hard but it seems illusive to a lot of people who make them in my experience. 

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